Say Hello To Caroline Bean, The Voice Behind @VisitPhilly

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Every Thursday, Say Hello To America will be Caroline Bean - Photo by Matthew Wrightshowcasing the voices behind official Twitter accounts of destinations all across the United States and the city they represent. This week, say hello to Caroline Bean from @VisitPhilly.
1. What time of the year is best to travel to Philadelphia?

The great thing about Philadelphia is that we experience all four seasons, so we get to enjoy weather-specific activities like festivals in the spring or the BlueCross RiverRink in the winter. Summer –and the July Fourth week in particular—tends to be a big time for families who can take advantage of summer vacation to explore Historic Philadelphia.

2. How would you describe the people of Philadelphia?

You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again… “passionate.” Philadelphians are fiercely loyal. They get fired up about their neighborhoods, their sports teams, and their food. In the ten-plus years I’ve been promoting Philadelphia, I’ve noticed that the collective self-confidence has increased by leaps and bounds. Philadelphians know what other people have been finding out – how awesome this city is.


3. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about Philadelphia?

I want people to leave behind the notion that if they visited Philadelphia on their sixth-grade field trip, then they know the Philadelphia of today. What I love about Philadelphia is that our historical roots are seen in our architecture, our streets, etc, but that we still have the capacity to grow, change and innovate – and do so every day.

4. What is Philadelphia’s most famous landmark or attraction?

Photo by J. Fusco for GPTMC

Photo by J. Fusco for GPTMC

The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall are such resonant symbols of our nation’s history. The Bell especially has meaning for any groups seeking freedom. Visitors and residents also seem to instantly recognize the Robert Indiana LOVE statue in Love Park, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and its famous steps and our skyline.

5. Name one “secret” location that a traveler must visit.

I always suggest people check out Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens on South Street. It’s wild! And the (free) Comcast Experience Video Wall in the Comcast Center is pretty impressive as well.

6. What is the best/easiest mode of transportation to get around Philadelphia?

Your two feet. The city’s intuitive grid design makes it incredibly walkable (thanks William Penn!). The increasing amount of bike lanes are huge for accessibility too.

7. Is there any festival or event in Philadelphia that a traveler should specifically plan a trip around?

Ooh, that depends on the traveler. Everybody should experience America’s birthday (the Fourth of July) in America’s birthplace, for sure. But beer lovers should check out Philly Beer Week – the largest of its kind. Music lovers need to come to the Roots Picnic in June.

Photo by B. Krist for GPTMC

Photo by B. Krist for GPTMC


8. What are the best family-friendly attractions that Philadelphia has to offer?

For really little ones, the Please Touch Museum and Smith Memorial Playhouse are great options. For slightly older kids, families need to stop by the Franklin Institute (and walk through the giant heart) then go next door to the Academy of Natural Sciences. And of course, Historic Philadelphia is made for families – the Betsy Ross House, Franklin Square, the National Constitution Center all round out a visit to the Bell and the Hall.

9. What is the Philadelphia’s signature food that every visitor has to try?

Photo by J. Fusco for GPTMC

Photo by J. Fusco for GPTMC

 Yes, yes, of course every visitor must have a cheesesteak (even a vegetarian one). But there are so many must-try Philly dishes with “cult” status: the salted caramel budino at Barbuzzo, a DiNic’s roast pork sandwich, the spicy Dan Dan Noodles from Han Dynasty… the list goes on.

10. If I only had one day to explore Philadelphia, what MUST I see or do?

There are incredible art collections along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. There are Renaissance, American, Impressionist and Modern artworks at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, American art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the brand-new Barnes Foundation and the Rodin Museum, plus public sculptures and gardens all along the Parkway. Not to mention, right next door to these priceless collections are fascinating museums like the Franklin Institute and the Academy of Natural Sciences. It’s enough for one day and more.


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