Say Hello To Tabbi Burwell, One Of The Voices Behind @VisitOKC

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Twice a month, Say Hello To America will be Tabbi Burwell, Visit OKC showcasing the voices behind official Twitter accounts of destinations all across the United States and the city they represent. This week, say hello to Tabbi Burwell, one of the voices behind @VisitOKC. Tabbi has been the communications manager for the OKC CVB, but has lived just outside Oklahoma City for her entire life. for a little over a year. She has seen OKC go from a desolate town to the booming and vibrant city it is today — and now she has fun promoting it!

1. What time of the year is best to travel to Oklahoma City?

The best time to travel to Oklahoma City is Spring, Summer and Fall — there’s plenty to do for a variety of crowds.

2. How would you describe the people of Oklahoma City?

We’re known as the friendly state! Oklahoma City residents are kind and always willing to help with directions, give advice, share the road and lend a hand. You might not find another state as friendly and nice as we are.

3. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about Oklahoma City?

There’s so much on my favorite list — here are just a few:
1. OKC is booming with new business, attractions, festivals—there’s always something to do!
2. The people.
3. There’s a good food scene with a sense of community…which is probably why we hold the nation’s largest monthly food truck festival!

There isn’t much I don’t like about Oklahoma City — maybe the misconception people often have about OKC. Such as, we drive on dirt roads, live in teepees and ride horses around town. OKC is a hip metropolis that is thriving and on the move.

Oklahoma City National Memorial4. What is Oklahoma City’s most famous landmark or attraction?

Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum — a tribute to those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever by the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The 30,000-square-foot Memorial Museum allows visitors to experience that day and those that followed through the voices, images and artifacts of survivors, family members and rescue workers.

5. Name one “secret” location that a traveler must visit.

Bleu Garten — OKC’s first outdoor food truck park in Midtown. It’s complete with food trucks daily, TV’s, misters, fun seating, a giant game of Jenga, a fire pit and bar.

6. What is the best/easiest mode of transportation to get around the city?

By car — the City of Oklahoma City alone there are 12,647 miles of streets; a distance equal to driving from Oklahoma City to Valdez, Alaska. When combined with the Federal and State highways that criss-cross the city, residents are rarely more than 15 or 20 minutes from any destination in the area. But, stay in any district and you can walk to your destination just fine!

Downtown OKC7. Is there any festival or event in Oklahoma City that a traveler should specifically plan a trip around?

With 12 districts and almost a festival in each every month, it’s almost hard to pick just one but since we have been named the Nation’s largest monthly food truck festival by our Midtown H&8th Event, that is one to save the date for. Happening March-October yearly on the last Friday of every month, more than 40,000 people attend and devour food from the more than 40 trucks that park along Hudson Avenue. This year they added Industry Flea, an open-air market of artisans, local shops and vintage finds.

8. What are the best family-friendly attractions that Oklahoma City has to offer?

• The Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Gardens — named Top 3 family-friendly zoo’ in the nation.
• Science Museum Oklahoma
• Museum of Osteology

9. What is Oklahoma City’s signature food that every visitor has to try?

The Onion Burger! It’s a staple here!

Bricktown Canal

Bricktown Canal

10. If I only had one day to explore Oklahoma City, what MUST I see or do?

The Boathouse District — the US Olympic and Paralympic training site for Canoe/Kayak…plus, it’s home to RIVERSPORT Adventures where you can slide down America’s tallest dry slide or zip line 700 feet across the Oklahoma River. It’s another one of the “wow” locations in OKC that you don’t expect. Visitors can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and much more, too. And, coming in 2016, a new white water rafting facility will take the Boathouse District to another level!

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

Bricktown — Oklahoma City’s Entertainment District. You can catch a OKC Dodgers game at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, dine at one of the many restaurants and even check out the American Banjo Museum! Then, grab a drink on the dock at Capt. Norm’s Dockside bar.

Lake Hefner

Lake Hefner

• If you’re adventurous, head to Lake Hefner for biking, walking, running or even hand gliding—some of the best sunsets can be seen at Lake Hefner!

• Eat an onion burger at Tucker’s Onion Burger

• Catch a horse show at the State Fair Park — OKC is the “Horse Show Capital of the World” so you can’t miss seeing just one!

H&8th Night Market — More than 40 food trucks and 40,000 people, catch the nation’s largest monthly food truck festival in Midtown. Live music, a beer garden and industry flea just makes it that much better!


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