Say Hello To Christine Zetzl, The Voice Behind @VisitIndy

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Every Thursday, Say Hello To America will be ChristineZetzl showcasing the voices behind official Twitter accounts of destinations all across the United States and the city they represent. This week, say hello to Christine Zetzl from @VisitIndy. An Indy cheerleader since birth, Christine grew up on the northwest side of Indy. She has been the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Visit Indy since 2012.

1. What time of the year is best to travel to Indianapolis?

I love Indy in the fall. Being in the heart of Indiana’s rich farmland, Indy has some of the best apple cider tasting, pumpkin picking and bike riding weather around. Stop at Eagle Creek Park, one of the country’s largest municipal parks, to take in the gorgeous landscape and changing leaves (sometimes if you’re lucky, you even spot a bald eagle!).

2. How would you describe the people of Indianapolis?

Friendly. They don’t call it “Hoosier Hospitality” for nothing.

Indianapolis Canal

3. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about Indianapolis?

Favorite? Indy’s a city on the move. We’re a large city, yet small enough for residents to really make a difference. Everyone wants to be a part of a community – and they can be here.

Least favorite? Definitely disappointed that Cronuts never took off – they’d make Indy a better place!

4. What is Indianapolis’ most famous landmark or attraction?

We’re known as the Circle City because of our iconic Soldiers and Sailors Monument, which sits at the heart of our city. Insider tip: there’s an observatory deck inside. Free of charge (or pay $2 bucks for to ride the elevator), step inside this limestone beauty to marvel at Indy’s skyline from 242 feet in the air.


5. Name one “secret” location that a traveler must visit.

The Indiana World War Memorial, located downtown in Military Park, is Indy’s best-kept secret. Visitors and residents alike pass by this masterpiece without ever stepping in. YOU MUST STEP IN. The Memorial is one of America’s most impressive public settings, complete with a gorgeous shrine room and a free armed forces museum.

6. What is the best/easiest mode of transportation to get around the city?

Your own two feet. Yes, that’s right. Indy is so compact and convenient; the best way to get around is to walk.

7. Is there any festival or event in Indianapolis that a traveler should specifically plan a trip around?

Let me draw you a picture: 200,000 spectators. A 2.5-mile oval. 33 cars moving at 220 miles per hour. I’m talking about the Indy 500. And, yes, you should go. Mark your calendars, friends: this year’s Indy 500 is Sunday, May 25, 2014.

Indy Zoo

8. What are the best family-friendly attractions that Indianapolis has to offer?

2014 is Indy’s biggest year for family travel yet. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (world’s largest, I might add) is opening a new exhibit featuring China’s famous Terra Cotta warriors, which will be leaving China for the very first time. Then, later that month, the Indianapolis Zoo will debut the long-awaited International Orangutan Center, a permanent exhibit that will feature eight orangutans, one of the largest groups of these endangered great apes of any zoo in the nation.

9. What is Indianapolis’ signature food that every visitor has to try?

I’d have to say a warm yeast donut from local legend Long’s Bakery. When Martha Stewart visited the city last month, she stopped by this old school, cash-only bakery for a taste test.

Cultural Trail - Indianapolis Cultural Trail

10. If I only had one day to explore Indianapolis, what MUST I see or do?

This is an easy one. In 2013, Indy debuted the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, an eight-mile urban walking and biking trail that connects all six of Indy’s Cultural Districts. Rent a bike at the Indianapolis City Market and see the best of what Indy has to offer, from trendy shopping boutiques to world-class sporting venues to sunny sidewalk cafes.


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