Say Hello To America 2016: Eight Weeks on the Road

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Say Hello To America 2016

Exciting news! On May 2nd, I will be heading out on a two month road trip around the United States. Embarking on a road trip of this magnitude has long been a dream of mine. Having grown up hearing tales of the cross country adventures both my grandparents and parents took, I knew that someday I too would hit the road to collect my own memories and stories. That day has finally arrived.

My primary focus will be to complete a good portion of my ongoing photo project, Past Present Project, but I will be exploring major cities and many National Parks along the way. Aside from seven destinations where I will be spending two nights, I will be staying in a new location every day. I realize it’s extremely ambitious to fit so much into only eight weeks but, the way I look at it, I might not ever have this opportunity again. Why not see as much as I can, right?

Here is a map of my route and a list of all the destinations I’ll be visiting.

Say Hello To America Route

Destination List

I am always open to recommendations! If you live in one of these locations or have visited before, feel free to share the best things to do, any yummy places to eat, and the “off the beaten path” attractions.

I will be sharing my journey from the road on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter — so be sure to follow along and join me as I Say Hello to America in 2016!