Ringing Rocks Park: The Original Rock Concert

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In 1890 a geologist collected rocks from a seven-acre field nestled in a Bucks County, Pennsylvania forest and used them to play accompaniment to a local band. Locals claim this was the first ever rock concert.

How is this possible, you ask?

The answer is Ringing Rocks County Park, a field of rocks that ring like bells when struck with a hammer. To this day, scientists are stumped as to why these boulders each have a different pitch and create such bell-like tones. Although the theories range from electromagnetic activity to aliens, the one thing they know for sure is that the rocks have a high content of iron and aluminum. Despite the fact that all of the rocks are made of the same material, only of them are actually ‘live’. But don’t worry, finding the rocks that ring won’t be any trouble…you’ll clearly see the worn marks from past visitor’s mallets.

Also being home to Bucks County’s largest waterfall, Ringing Rocks Park is the perfect place to spend the day hiking and exploring. Pack a picnic lunch, wear a good pair of sneakers, grab your hammer…and make a rock concert of your own!


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