5 Reasons To Love Southwest Airlines

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Reasons To Love Southwest Airlines
When it comes to flying within the United States, Southwest Airlines will always be my first choice. This wasn’t always the case when I began frequently traveling in 2010, as I had no allegiance to a specific airline. But the more often I flew with Southwest, the more I found myself developing a tremendous loyalty to their brand. There are many reasons why I love Southwest Airlines, but here are the five that have made them my preferred domestic airline.

Consistently Low Fares

The #1 reason for Southwest gaining my loyalty is the fact that they are almost always the cheapest option when flying domestic throughout the United States. The average one-way fare in 2016 was $149.09, but I’ve booked flights as low as $44 one-way from Philadelphia to Chicago.


Joyful Flight Crew

Air travel can be nerve-wracking, a necessary evil to get to a destination, or downright terrifying for many people. Fortunately, no matter which category you fall into, Southwest employees do a fantastic job of making every flight an enjoyable experience. Time and time again, I have been on flights were the crew has lightened the mood with jokes and silliness that has become a hallmark of Southwest flight attendants. Southwest made me a loyal flyer simply by hiring people that genuinely seem to enjoy their jobs.

Bags Fly Free

Travel can be quite expensive at times, so travelers are always looking to save money in any way they can. One of the best aspects of flying with Southwest Airlines is that they NEVER charge for your first two checked bags. According to Southwest’s website, you could be saving yourself up to $120 round-trip. Considering the fees that other airlines charge, the savings can add up pretty quickly!

Southwest Airlines, Bags Fly Free

Very Few Delays

Now this is speaking from my own experience, but I have had next to no delays when I’ve flown with Southwest. I have taken approximately 70 flights since 2010, with 75% being on Southwest. I can say without question that Southwest had the fewest delays compared to the other airlines I used in that remaining 25%. Any traveler would rather be adventuring than wasting their valuable time in an airport, so (from my experience) Southwest offers the best chance to enjoy every second of your vacation.

No Flight Change Fees

Have you ever had an unexpected change in your schedule before or after your trip dates? I’m sure we all have. And the last thing we want is to be charged even more money for changing our flight time. If you need to change your upcoming flight itinerary with Southwest, you’ll only pay the difference in fare cost and will never incur a separate change fee. With other airlines, the change fee can range from $50 to $200! I’ve used this valuable feature a few times after realizing I could extend my travel several hours before heading home.

Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card

Because I found myself flying with Southwest so often, I decided it was time to apply for their Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card. After spending just $1,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from opening my account, I received 40,000 bonus points. Sound like a lot of reward points? It is! Let’s put it this way, I will fly AT LEAST two domestic round-trip flights for FREE this year. You can apply for the Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card here and receive the same deal. Make sure you sign up for a Rapid Rewards member account on the Southwest Airlines website and start earning your free airfare!

Do you have a favorite domestic airline?

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Southwest Airlines is my airline of choice when flying within the United States, here are my top 5 reasons why. Click to see why love Southwest or pin for later!