Say Hello To Carolyn Anderson, The Social Media Voice For Kansas City, Missouri

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Carolyn Anderson, Visit KCTwice a month, Say Hello To America will be showcasing the voices behind destinations all across the United States and the city they represent. This week, say hello to Carolyn Anderson, the voice for Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City is Carolyn’s hometown! She has been working at Visit KC as the Social Media Manager for almost four years, furthering the mission to ignite global passion for Kansas City.

1. What time of year is best to travel to Kansas City?

KC springs and summers bring out the best of what our area has to offer. Sports are in full swing, patios across the city are filled with delicious food inspired by cuisine from around the world, and when it gets a bit too hot, water parks are ready to cool you off.

2. How would you describe the people of Kansas City?

Inviting and welcoming. Once a local knows you’re a visitor, you’ll be provided with endless ideas for where to go and what to eat and sometimes if you’re really lucky, your next beer is on them.

3. What is your favorite thing about Kansas City?

The best things about our city never change and we’re only getting better. There’s something for everybody here.

Kansas City Barbeque

4. What is Kansas City’s most famous landmark or attraction?

Does barbecue count as an attraction? We don’t shy away from the honor of the country’s best barbecue, but once you’re here, you discover how much more KC’s cuisine scene has to offer.

5. Name one “secret” location that a traveler must visit.

Manifesto. Dimly lit and delicious.

6. What is the best/easiest mode of transportation to get around the city?

If you’re downtown, it’s the KC Streetcar, without question. I’ve provided curious travelers day-long itineraries that you can experience via the free streetcar line. Taking the bus or a car is recommended for getting to points beyond and across the state line, home to a completely separate KC experience in Kansas!

7. Is there any festival or event in Kansas City that a traveler should specifically plan a trip around?

The Big 12 Championship in March, Boulevardia in June, Irish Fest and Plaza Art Fair in September, Plaza Lighting Ceremony in November…pick a month and we’ve probably got an annual event for you.

Boulevardia in Kansas City

8. What are the best family-friendly attractions that Kansas City has to offer?

The experience at the Kansas City Zoo is fantastic no matter your kiddos’ age, and it’s in the middle of one of the most beautiful parks in the Midwest, Swope Park.

9. What is Kansas City’s signature food that every visitor has to try?

Plan a weekend around fine dining with diverse food offerings from award-winning chefs in unique Kansas City neighborhoods, then eat barbecue al fresco while tailgating before a Royals game. That would be a true KC experience.

KC Streetcar

10. If I only had one day to explore Kansas City, what MUST I see or do?

TOUGHEST QUESTION. See how many of these Three Stop Hop itineraries you can knock out! Each stop is in close proximity of one another for a time-crunched traveler.
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