Carollo093115bWho Am I?

My name is Christian Carollo and I love the United States. More specifically, I love to explore the United States.

I live just outside Philadelphia and in recent years focused on running a photoblog of the city called Picture Philly.

My fascination with the United States began in elementary school when we were required to learn all of the states and their capitals, grew further through family trips up and down the East Coast, and became solidified as I grew up listening to stories about the cross country trips my parents & grandparents would take. I remember being in awe of these journeys and knew that I wanted to do the same one day.

Only in recent years have I finally had the opportunity to really start exploring the country, but I’m excited to see all the beauty America has to offer – from the man-made to the natural landscape. America is a truly diverse & unique place and my goal is to eventually visit all fifty states.

I’ve created this site as a way to share my stories as I travel around the country and my hope is that you’ll fall in love with America as much as I have. Come along on my journey to Say Hello To America!