5 Hot Springs You Must Visit

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Hot Springs in the USA

Hot springs are destinations that I’ve recently begun to seek out during my travels across the United States. These pools of geothermal water have become a welcome sight in the midst of my adventures, as they provide much needed relaxation and rejuvenation to continue on my journey. While I’ve barely scratched the surface of hot springs throughout America — there are well over a thousand — I’ve still managed to visit some pretty spectacular locations thus far.

This is in no way a definitive list of hot springs around the United States, but I do believe these five are worth a visit should you find yourself nearby.

Hot Springs State Park | Thermopolis, Wyoming

Besides being a beautiful public recreation area and having two bison herds roaming the grounds, Hot Springs State Park boasts a free bath house where the water is maintained at 104° for therapeutic bathing. After a quick check-in, and a nominal fee for towels and swimsuits if needed, you are free to bath for up to 20 minutes. Attendants are very strict with time limits — to not only keep the pool from becoming too crowded, but also because too much time in the mineral-rich hot springs could potentially cause health risks.

Hot Springs State Park
538 N. Park Street
Thermopolis, WY

Hot Springs State Park,Thermopolis Wyoming

Riverbend Hot Springs | Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

If the name of this New Mexico town isn’t reason enough to visit, then the mineral springs resort located here surely is! Located on the banks of the Rio Grande River, Riverbend Hot Springs is a spa hotel that offers many bathing options. The Common Pools consist of five pools that cascade from one to another, creating temperatures that range from 100°-108°. Classic Private Pools offer a more intimate experience for singles or couples, but can fit up to 4 people. The temperature in each of these three pools varies, but range from 103°-108°. Deluxe Private Pools offer the comfort of fiberglass, with all 4 pools featuring a temperature range from 103°-105°. No matter which soaking experience you choose, you’ll be treated to picturesque views of Turtleback Mountain and the Rio Grande!

Riverbend Hot Springs
100 Austin Street
Truth or Consequences, NM

Riverbend Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences

Montezuma Hot Springs | Las Vegas, New Mexico

Montezuma Hot Springs in New Mexico is well worth a visit, but very easy to miss. Just 5 miles outside of Las Vegas, these pools are located along Hot Springs Boulevard — where you park on the shoulder, climb over a guard rail, and walk a short trail in order to access the hot springs. Over the years a rag tag collection of pools have been built, each with a distinct personality. Ranging from the beloved “Lobster Pot” – a scalding hot circular stone pool of 120° – to an earth-lined large natural pool of 102.7° called “Africa” because of its recognizable shape. All pools are free of charge and open from dawn to dusk.

Montezuma Hot Springs
Northwest on Hot Springs Boulevard
Las Vegas, NM
Montezuma Hot Springs

Montezuma Hot Springs, New Mexico

Lava Hot Springs | Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Once an Indian reservation, Lava Hot Springs is now a popular tourist attraction in southeast Idaho. Not only are the pools open year-round and range in temperature from 102° to 112°, but the grounds also boast heated sidewalks and dressing room floors. I have particularly fond memories from my time at Lava Hot Springs, as the combination of a 45° day and autumn downpour caused steam to rise from the hot springs to create an even more cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

Lava Hot Springs
430 East Main
Lava Hot Springs, ID

Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Hot Springs National Park | Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs is one of the more interesting national parks that I’ve ever visited. The park itself is basically separated by Central Avenue, with the town of Hot Springs on one side and the national park on the other.

Bathhouse Row is a line of buildings all available for visitors to enjoy the 143° water flowing from Hot Springs Mountain. Aside from the relaxing hot springs, one of the biggest draws of the National Park is the many fountains located throughout the park. Here you can fill water bottles or jugs with the water from Hot Springs Mountain that’s believed to have many health benefits.

I planned to only fill my water bottle, but thanks to a local resident named Donna, I left with two one-gallon jugs to enjoy.

Hot Springs National Park
369 Central Avenue
Hot Springs, AR
Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Have you been to any of these hot springs? Which USA hot springs are your favorite?


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Hot Springs in the USA