Vintage America: Crazy Horse Memorial | 1973 & 2013


The collection of my grandfather’s photographs that I’ve had the chance to replicate continues this week with a shot of the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota.

I’ve been fascinated by viewing the United States through his eyes from photos taken decades ago and now have enjoyed the journey of finding the same locations to see for myself. I hope you come back and check out the progression of the Vintage America project every Friday!

Crazy Horse Memorial, 1973Crazy Horse Memorial | 1973

Work began on the Crazy Horse Memorial in 1948 and, once completed, it will be the largest sculpture in the world. In the foreground is a model of what the planned Memorial will eventually look like…so while I was amazed at the detail of the face of Crazy Horse, I was also shocked at really how much of the sculpture had yet to be completed. Since the time of my grandfather’s photograph, Crazy Horse has also gained popularity as a must-see tourist attraction, hence the extended observation deck and Visitor Center addition behind the model statue.

Crazy Horse Memorial, 2013Crazy Horse Memorial | September 2013

As I was waiting for the optimal time to capture the same image my grandfather had, it was particularly satisfying to have conversations with people regarding my project and see their excitement about it. One older woman even asked to take a picture of me holding my grandfather’s photo! All throughout my trip I came across people who were genuinely excited about my mission, which further confirmed that the venture I’m undertaking is a worthwhile endeavor.

I hope that all of you feel the same and that you’ll continue to follow and support the project!

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